Fun Fact #6 -SCARED

6. Foster children typically have a tough time keeping people close. This new house is empty and cold, It has this eerie quietness to it, A complete and utter silence during the day... then when night rolls around it all seems to come to life. The refrigerator seemingly breathing sounds from the kitchen and into... Continue Reading →

Fun Fact #5 – LONLINESS

5. In foster care, you spend A Lot of time alone. Well Hello, there old friend, Your back. Why? I thought I rid myself of you long ago. I thought when we partied ways things were going to be different, I had hope for a future that I wasn't sure existed but I fought hard... Continue Reading →

Fun Fact #4 – LOSS

4. They never teach you what its like to lose someone that you love. I had a dream of him last night, I saw us together in a moment that was beyond wonderful. His strawberry blonde curls and bright green eyes burned a vivid color as I lay there with my eyes closed. There we... Continue Reading →

Fun Fact #2 – WHAT IS LOVE

2. They never teach you what love is Lately, I've found myself losing my thirst for life, It's one of those things that happen unexpectedly. At first, you have no idea whats going on until it sneaks up on you, then your suddenly in awe because you could have seen that coming from a mile... Continue Reading →

Fun Fact #1 – ADULTHOOD

1. They don't prepare you for adulthood. With the last of my money, I slid the silver coins across the counter and toward the dark-haired barista. Embarrassed I said, " I think its $2.55" I was always terrible at counting, I don't I think ever made it to Algebra. In fact, I was pretty terrible... Continue Reading →

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